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First In/First Out Charging Procedures



The goal of Fleet Rotation is to equalize the wear and tear on the entire golf car fleet. First-In/First-Out means the first vehicle put on charge in the afternoon is the first vehicle to be used in the morning. This procedure will ensure the golf car will receive a full charge.

Other layout designs are possible. However, the design shown above allows for the removal of all vehicles without the need to move any other vehicle. These layouts permit the "first in, first out" concept to be used. They permit a dedicated charger to be assigned to each electric vehicle. An inoperative vehicle (flat tire, etc.) does not impede the movement of other vehicles. Vehicle damage can occur when extensive maneuvering is required.

This layout permit vehicles to be driven directly in and out of their stalls. The recommended layout in this guide is based on the following criteria:

1. Each vehicle may be driven directly into its own stall.

2. Each vehicle may be moved without disturbing another vehicle.

3. 4" x 4" stops are used to prevent damage to an adjacent vehicle and the building structure.

Electric Vehicles

1. Each electric vehicle has its own dedicated battery charger and 15 amp dedicated circuit.

2. The first vehicle in can be the first vehicle out, which maximizes the available charge time for each vehicle and ensures an even rotation of the fleet.

3. Battery chargers are located in a manner that protects the charger plugs from being run over by other vehicles. Battery chargers are located at a height that permits personnel to view the front panel and instructions.