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Shelf Mounted

The charger(s) may be placed on a shelf securely mounted to a 3-inch-diameter flanged pipe that is securely bolted to the floor.

Protection of the vehicle body, battery charger, and building walls is provided by 4” x 4” treated wooden blocks installed 1’-6” from the wall or any obstruction. These blocks will contact the rear tires and prevent the rear bumper from striking the wall or obstruction.

Shelf Mounted - Floor

Chargers should be mounted 4’-6” minimum and 6’-0” maximum from the floor. This height permits easy viewing of the front panel. Hooks should be provided for the DC cords to prevent them from being run over which could result in damage to the DC cord/connector.

Shelf Mounted - Ceiling

The charger may be mounted on a shelf hung from the roof structure or ceiling which should be supported by four 3/8-inch-diameter (minimum) threaded rods mounted to a structural load supporting part of the ceiling system.